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The resident fandom vampire brings you, for your pleasure, graphics
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alexander skarsgard, anna paquin, billie piper, bones, catherine tate, christopher eccleston, cote de pablo, david boreanaz, david duchovny, david tennant, doctor who, emily deschanel, gillian anderson, graphics, icons, karen gillan, mark harmon, matt smith, michael weatherly, ncis, pauley perrette, picspams, sean murray, the x files, torchwood, true blood

About & Rules
This is the graphic journal for vamp926. I do icons, headers, banners, picspams, fanmixes, and wallpapers. My primary fandoms are Doctor Who, NCIS, Bones, The X Files, and True Blood.

1. Always credit either resident_vamp or vamp926
2. No hotlinking. Period. I will hunt you down and castrate you or the equivilent.
3. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, under any circumstances repost my icons on fanpop. I have an account there, and if I wanted them posted there, I would post them there myself.
4. Textless icons are not bases, and do not use them as such. If you want text, please ask, I will be more than happy to add it for you.
5. On the same note, do not takes images from my picspams and make icons out of them.

Credit & Useful Links
Journal Layout: kuribati
Profile Layout: refuted
Profile Banner: obsessedobsesser on Tumblr
Bones: The Girl in the Mask screencaps courtesy of laugh_cry_live


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